Hole the Size of Manhattan Found Under Thwaites Glacier

With the aide of a new generation of satellites, NASA reported that the huge cavity, which has mostly melted over the last three years, once contained nearly 14 billion tons of ice. The Thwaites Glacier is about the size of Florida and according to the report “is responisble for about four percent of the global sea level rise and holds enough ice to raise the world’s ocean by a little over two feet.” The U.S. and U.K. teams will be researching further in the year to come. The Fox News article also pointed out that the ice in Antarctica is “melting six times faster” than it did only three decades ago. Read Fox News article

The Richmond Times also reported today that NOAA just released climate data that shows 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 go on record as the warmest years, and on top of that 2018 was for much of the Mid Atlantic states the wettest year on record with the rainfall totals nearly 20 inches more than previous yearly averages. During the recent Polar Vortex movement that dumped wind chills in the negative 40s and 50s in the Chicago area, with the national weather map with a huge blob of purple covering it, does make ‘global warming’ sound far fetched for the moment, but to the climatologist credit, they define what happened with the frigid temps for a week as weather, while the shifts in patterns over the years and even centuries as climate. According to them, the data suggests that the planet is in fact warming. I don’t think any of us should argue with data and especially the satellite images, but the bigger danger that we face is how the politicians and media spin the data.

There are plenty of non-partisan articles out there, such as this one, that show that large quantities of ice is melting in the polar caps. For example, I recently read about the magnetic north pole was shifting towards Siberia at an alarming rate of around 50 km per year, and apparently the movement is getting faster. The article which had nothing to do with ‘global warming’ said that with true north shifting, the concern was with all the GPS systems taking their reference from it, a major adjust would have to be made sooner than scientist had originally planned. The article went on to say that with more and more shipping routes opening up in the arctic region with the ice melting it was feared that the ships would get off course. Do you catch that? Shipping paths that had been frozen were now open. You can’t debate whether or not ice is melting in the polar regions, it is a documented fact. Now what kind of draconian policies we allow politicians to push down upon us because of the fears of what might happen is another issue that should be vigorously debated.

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