Scientist are Pushing Back Against Theory Linking Global Warming to Polar Vortexes

The media pushes the narrative that cold snaps are caused by global warming, but Kevin Trenberth, a climate scientist said, “Frankly, it is a stretch to make that link. There is always cold air over the Arctic in the polar night and the question is whether it sits there or breaks out … So all this is in realm of weather. Not climate.”

The Daily Caller reported the following on the findings contrary to the mainstream global warming narrative:

Other studies have tested the link between Arctic sea ice melt and mid-latitude cold snaps, but couldn’t find one. A study by Climate Central found the opposite, that “[c]old waves like this have decreased in intensity and frequency over the last century.”

The U.S. government’s fourth National Climate Assessment, released in 2017, found that while it’s likely mid-latitude temperatures influence the Arctic, “confidence is low regarding whether or by what mechanisms observed arctic warming may have influenced the midlatitude circulation and weather patterns over the continental United States.”

“Cold waves have lessened over the past 50 years,” Mass said. “All one has to do, is to go to official government statistics to see that these claims are not true.” Read article

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