Mattis Exits Cabinet in Protest of Pulling Troops Out of Syria

Fox News detailed Secretary Mattis’ visit yesterday with President Trump and his resignation letter that followed the pull-out announcement at the White House. The President says he is doing so in keeping with a campaign promise and for those who have died. According to Fox News, “Mattis believes pulling out of Syria is a betrayal to the Kurds and the Syrian Democratic Forces – U.S. allies whom military leaders believe will be slaughtered once the U.S. leaves Syria.”

Along with the President’s move against the advise of his top military officials, was the announcement to withdraw up to 7000 troops in Afghanistan. This move is one that Secretary Mattis had warned early this month of the dire consequences: “If we leave, 20-odd of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world centered in that region, and we walk out of there, then we know what will happen. Our intelligence services are very specific that we will be under attack in a number of years.”

What alarmed me in most this breaking Fox News article was what “precipitated Trump’s decision.” According to them “Trump agreed to a pullout during a call last week with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.” Read the article

The Kurds and the Syrian Democratic Forces were our allies, the ones we have been fighting for, and now, the military leaders believe they will be slaughtered once the U.S. troops leave. Why would Trump listen to Erdogan over his top leaders? Although the implications of the pull-out will be major, I thought these paragraphs from Prophecy News Watch summarized it best:

We can now expect Turkey to control the non-Kurdish rebel areas using rebels loyal to Turkey’s Islamist and fanatical president, Recep Erdogan. Moreover, it’s not a coincidence this withdrawal comes at the same time that an offensive by Erdogan against the Kurds in northern Syria is imminent.

In short, in addition to enabling Iranian and Russian power in the region, the U.S. withdrawal from Syria will bring Erdogan one step closer to realizing his dream of being crowned the caliph of his newly-revived neo-Ottoman empire.

I at least gave Trump a little more credit in his dealing in Syria than his predecessor, but whatever gains that were made seemed to be up for grabs now for the other power players who have no plans of going home to my knowledge, Russia and Iran. The question that looms over President Trump’s head is he in cahoots with Putin? I never thought President Obama would do more than Putin would allow him to do in Syria. I thought maybe President Trump would stand his ground, but this begs the question was it more than Erdogan that wanted the U.S. troops to leave so they could move into high gear with their end time agenda. Russia will solidify its bases in Syria and Iran will increase their proxy wars with Israel while we pack up and go home!

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