Catastrophic ‘Tornado Alley’ may be moving east

The country’s Tornado Alley — a twister-heavy area typically associated with the Great Plains– is now shifting eastward, an alarming new study found.

More and more tornadoes have been popping up in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa and parts of Ohio and Michigan, according to the study, published Wednesday in the journal Climate and Atmospheric Science.

Fewer funnels are breaking out across the Great Plains, including Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas — with the biggest drop in the central and eastern parts of the Lone Star State.
Still, the study said, Texas sees the most tornadoes out of any state.

The troubling shift to the east could be catastrophic because states there are more densely populated, according to lead author Victor Gensini, who teaches atmospheric sciences at Northern Illinois University.

“More folks are generally at risk because of that eastward shift,” Gensini said.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association said the four deadliest states for tornadoes are Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee and Arkansas.
Gensini said the Great Plains is becoming drier, meaning the environment isn’t as conducive to spawning tornadoes.
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The Lord has laid on my heart even before reading this article that believers need to know how to pray and take authority over these storms as they will get more and more intense as the Lord’s return gets closer and closer. If you have developed a habit of not assembling yourself together at your God assigned church for prayer and Bible study, now is a real good time to start. The time to learn to take authority over a storm is not when the weatherman says it is heading your way!

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