Hezbollah chief says Iran rocket fire on Golan marks start of ‘new phase’

Nasrallah claims Israel lied about magnitude of Iranian salvo from Syria, warns of ‘response’ to further Israeli raids The head of the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah claimed Monday that Israel had lied about the extent of last week’s Iranian rocket strike on the Golan Heights, and said the Israeli military would now think twice about striking Iran’s assets in Syria.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, Iran last week launched 20 rockets toward Israel from Syria, four of which were intercepted and the rest of which fell short of Israeli territory. In response, the air force carried out retaliatory raids that the army said inflicted extensive damage on Iran’s military presence in Syria.

Nasrallah goes on to dispute Israel’s report that 20 intended rockets were launched at them was false. He said it was actually 55 and that this marked a new phase their attacks against Israel:

Nasrallah said Hezbollah and its allies Iran and Syria “will respond at the appropriate time and place and with the appropriate method” to Israel’s Syria raids, while adding, “This landmark rocket attack has launched a new phase.”

There is at least a shred of truth in the report. If there was ever a doubt, now there can be no denying that Iran is backing Hezbollah. I also think it further proves Israel’s concerns about the purpose of their military bases in Syria. Read article

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