Two ‘halves’ of Christmas?

A federal judge appointed to the bench by President Obama says the public transit authority in Washington, D.C. has the right to ban religious-themed Christmas advertisements.

The Archdiocese of Washington had filed for an emergency injunction after the Washington Metropolitan Ara Transit Authority rejected a Christmas ad promoting its annual “Find the Perfect Gift” program. The advertising banner featured shepherds and sheep walking toward the North Star – along with the words, “Find the perfect gift.”

The transit authority argued that the banner was declined because of a ban on religious-themed advertising. Their attorneys explained in a court filing that Christmas is actually divided into two components – a religious half and a secular half.

This idea that Christmas can be divided into a secular side and a religious side is ludicrous. It’s like taking Cupid out of Valentine’s Day or taking the Irish out of St. Patrick’s Day.

“Advertisements involving secular symbols of the holiday – reindeer, the Yule log, the Christmas trees…address the secular half of Christmas,” the transit authority argued. “Overtly religious ads, like those featuring religious imagery like a scene of shepherds and the Star of Bethlehem…address the religious half of Christmas.”

“Here, WMATA has simply prohibited advertisements related to the subject of the religious half of Christmas, but not the secular half,” the transit authority pointed out. “That is not viewpoint discrimination.”

Shockingly, Judge Jackson actually bought into that nonsensical argument and ruled rejected the Catholic Church’s emergency injunction. Read Fox News article

Jeremy Dys, an attorney with First Liberty Institute, had this to say about the Christmas-hating public transit authority, “They will take Santa but not Jesus, three French hens, but not the three Wise Men.” The birth of Jesus Christ is what Christmas is all about. Anyone thinking that you can have a Christmas minus Jesus is sadly mistaken. Dividing Christmas into a secular half and religious half is crazy! But what’s worse, is that this Christmas-hating thinking is acceptable by the transit authority and sad to say, supported by a federal judge. Isn’t it sad to think with the shootings in our churches, schools, and an ISIS inspired bombing attempt in NYC, this nation bans the only solution to man’s problems?

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