The Iranian Khoramshahr ballistic missile test did take place

According to a Debka Report, the Iranian Khoramshahr ballistic missile test did take place although the U.S. claims that the video was a rerun of failed attempt from seven months ago. If you recall, President Trump tweeted: “Iran just test fired a ballistic missile capable of reaching Israel. They are also working with North Korea. Not much of an agreement we have!” Then on Sept. 26th someone from the Trump administration came out and said that the launch was a rerun of a failed January attempt.

However, according to Debkafile intelligence and military sources in the Middle East, “The Khoramshahr was indeed test-launched, except that it happened a bit earlier than Tehran claimed – although very recently, and not seven months ago.” The sources could not confirm that the mission was a success but did confirm that “it certainly did not fail.” The Debka sources also revealed that the reason for the extra long shots of the video was to “disguise the location of the launching site deep in the desert.” In addition, the sources also reveal that Iran is secretly developing vehicles to carry the missile across “the rugged desert or mountain terrain.” Read Debka article

The question is why would the U.S. claim that this missile launch was a failure? Do we have faulty intelligence, or is the Trump administration avoiding conflict with Iran. President Trump isn’t short on threatening words with North Korea but is virtually silent on Iran. There has been much talk about the bad deal with Iran made by the previous administration but little to no action to correct it. What’s even more alarming, is that an earlier Debka analyst proposed a more likely scenario with North Korea would be another bad deal with 5 permanent nations of the U.N. would be struck. Let’s pray that that is not the case. One bad deal is enough.

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