Trump to keep US embassy in Tel Aviv for now, White House sources say

Administration official indicates president still supports the move to Jerusalem, says it’s a question of ‘when, not if.’

WASHINGTON — US President Donald Trump is expected to sign a waiver that would keep the US embassy in Tel Aviv, White House and diplomatic sources said on Wednesday, a day before a deadline for the waiver is set to expire just before midnight on Thursday.

Signing the waiver would delay for another six months any relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a key promise Trump made on the campaign trail throughout 2016. The president has distanced himself from the pledge since taking office and has been evasive on whether he would go ahead with the move. Read Times of Israel article

I can appreciate the sensitivity of the issue here, don’t get me wrong, but when the President now distances himself and becomes evasive on a major campaign promise such as this one, questions arise as to what other promises he will waiver on. CNN reported that the reason why he did not move the embassy was because he did not want to offend the Palestinians. During the campaign he did not strike me as former presidents Carter and Clinton who sought tirelessly for a Israeli-Palestinian deal, but now as reported, Trump seems now to have his eye on the “ultimate deal.”

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