North Korea threat: US ‘monitoring’ claim missile could carry nuclear warhead

North Korea threat: US ‘monitoring’ claim missile could carry nuclear warhead

U.S. officials are closely “monitoring” the aftermath of the latest North Korean missile test after the rogue regime claimed that its newest rocket was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead – and that its arsenal could reach American shores.

One day after Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship reported a successful test flight of its KN-17 missile, state-run news agency KCNA reported the “U.S. mainland and Pacific operations” were in range of North Korean weapons. The agency also claimed its missile was meant to verify the specifications of a new ballistic rocket “capable of carrying a large-size heavy nuclear warhead.” Read FoxNews article

Although Kim Jong Un’s track record for accurate reporting of his country’s missile successes is questionable, no one questions the fact that he is moving closer and closer to being able to reach our shores with a bomb. The latest claim is that the missile is “capable of carrying a large-size nuclear warhead.” Some question whether or not he will be able to successfully reach his target with a nuclear bomb, but there are a number of officials of late that have chimed in on the possibilities of an EMP attack on the continental 48 states.

In the movie Amerigeddon, this particular EMP scenario is played out with great detail. While the thought of escaping a nuclear threat is comforting, the realities of an EMP are chilling nonetheless. The star of the movie was quite the “prepper” to say the least. He had thought through the details of such an attack and prepared for the ramification even down to having his own helicopter and a shortwave transmitter in the basement of his facility. In order for any electronic gadget to survive an EMP attack, including the electronics in your car, they must be place in a Faraday cage. This is a metal cage that shields its contents from the harmful electro-magnetic blast.

While the ramifications of such a blast may seem non-significant at first, the aftermath is what alarms most people. The truth of the matter, as demonstrated in recent massive weather emergencies, people don’t do well without the convenience of a grocery store and electricity. To make matters worse, most groceries stores would be rendered useless without the computer system to drive its operations. That is if the shelves could remain stocked for any length of time. In our area, there is a rush to get groceries with the mention of a significant snow storm. You can imagine the riots that would follow if there were no electricity for an indefinite period of time.

The power grid, and water system for that matter, may not be as robust as you might think. Recently, I was working with public utilities officials and we were all required to go to a meeting put on by the Dept. of Homeland Security. The hot topic of the day was the Stuxnet virus. This was the very virus that brought down the Iranian nuclear reactors some years ago, and the threat of it was now causing utilities companies to be on a high state of alert. Once launched, it would propagate itself through the control systems and shut the plant down. Hopefully, since then, necessary firewalls and virus protections have been implemented to prevent such an attack, but it did prove that a majority of the utilities systems across the land were out of date.

If not Kim Jong, someone will eventually perfect the ICBMs other than the US and Russia, and a few others. If we take claims of the Iranian Nuclear Deal proponents to be factual, Iran is 10 to 13 years away from a nuclear bomb from the time the deal was signed. That my friend is not an EMP threat but an actual nuclear one. Though most of us won’t add a helicopter to our list of preparations, we do need to be able to survive a electric grid or grocery store glitch. It wouldn’t even be a bad idea to keep your cellphone and other must have electronics in a tinfoil wrapped box.

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