Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tore into President Biden’s foreign policy regarding Israel and Iran, saying its stance on the long-standing disputes in the region “emboldens terrorists.”

Pompeo’s criticism comes after Hamas followers launched rockets into Jerusalem on Monday night, following clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters.

Pompeo said the Biden administration has “clearly signaled less support” for Israelis’ right to self-defense than the Trump administration, and that doing so “invites precisely the kinds of violence we are seeing in the region today.” Read Fox News article

Pompeo made it clear in the interview that the Biden Admin’s intentions to reenter the Iran Nuclear Deal which in effect would give Iran the pathway to nuclear weapons, is in directly opposed to the coalition formed under the Trump Administration. While Trump was in office, there were 3 nations that sign the coalition with Israel. Now with the new administrations stance on Israel this coalition is unraveling.

Now matter how the Biden team tries to spin this, these chilling words from Pompeo sums up the danger involved with strengthening Iran and not supporting Israel’s right to defend herself: “Reentering the JCPOA, as we can now taste in Gaza, is the action that will reduce peace and create the conditions to cause a war that could escalate to include many countries.”

An all out war in the Middle East is exactly what the Bible predicts in the last days, and my friend, signs all around point toward the end.