The Chinese government intentionally manufactured and released the COVID-19 virus that led to mass shutdowns and deaths across the world, a top virologist and whistleblower told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday.

Carlson specifically asked Dr. Li-Meng Yan whether she believed the Chinese Communist Party released the virus “on purpose.” “Yes, of course, it’s intentionally,” she responded on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Yan said more evidence would be released but pointed to her own high-ranking position at a World Health Organization reference lab as a reason to trust her allegation.

“I work[ed] in the WHO reference lab, which is the top coronavirus lab in the world, in the University of Hong Kong. And the thing is I get deeply into such investigation in secret from the early beginning of this outbreak. I had my intelligence because I also get my own unit network in China, involved [in] the hospital … also I work with the top corona[virus] virologist in the world,” she said. Read Fox News interview

This is the second bombshell statement coming from Dr. Yan who claims she fled from her job working at the top virology lab in the world at the University of Hong Kong. If you recall, she was asked by Dr. Leon Poon, her supervisor from the University/WHO lab, asked her to investigate the SARS-like clusters being reported from mainland China back in December 2019.

In her first report, she claimed that China officials and the WHO officials at her lab did in fact know about the human-human transfers a couple of weeks before making it known to the world. This time around, when asked directly by Tucker Carlson was this virus was released by China on purpose, she said, “Yes, of course, it’s intentionally.” To be clear, her testimony directly conflicts with that of the U.S. top virologist, Dr. Fauci, who believed that the virus occurred naturally and also, the top officials whom she claims she worked for, say that she was not investigating reports of human-human transfer of the virus back in December and January before the outbreak was made public.