I have been hearing various sides of the murder charge give to to the Minneapolis police officer that killed George Floyd last week. Now after the private autopsy results came in that were requested by the Floyd family, a New York defense attorney told Nancy Grace that third degree murder is essentially a “watered-down murder charge.” He further said, “It’s like a criminally negligent homicide, a reckless act without regard. … It pulls away the intention.”

Then here was the real chilling part. Nancy asked a 27-year veteran officer of the Atlanta Metro SWAT Team, and also an attorney, “if there is any instance in which the amount of force employed by Chauvin could be justified.” He said what even us non-policemen already knew, that there was no justification for what he saw on that video.

And he further stated: “Once … you put somebody on the ground and they’re on their stomach, it is not very difficult to control that person if they are handcuffed,” he replied. “There are simple techniques, such as, you know, raising the wrist up in the air a little further, it doesn’t take putting your knee on the back of someone’s neck to maintain control of a man that’s on the ground.”

As for establishing intent, he recounted the horrific details to show there could be no doubt: “This went on for eight minutes,” he pointed out. “Maybe minute number one, it wasn’t intentional. Maybe minute number two, maybe minute number five, maybe minute number seven. But I think that by the time you get to minute number eight and this man goes from talkative to agitated to unconscious, telling you that he can’t breathe and you continue to put your knee on the back of his neck. That’s a problem.”

Nancy said she would bend over backwards to support the cops and try to understand why they do what they do, but not in this case. I’d have to agree with Nancy, now with the autopsy together with ironclad video footage, “Why is this not murder one?” Read Fox News article