A Kentucky church that held Easter services in defiance of a state order not to hold large gatherings to prevent the spread of the coronavirus was met with nails, screws and carpenter tacks in the church driveway.

About 50 worshipers showed up Sunday morning at Maryville Baptist Church to hold services despite a warning by Gov. Andy Beshear that their license plates would be taken down and they’d be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days, the Louisville Courier Journal reported.

Two state troopers put quarantine notices on cars and wrote down license numbers. The Rev. Jack Roberts covered up some of the license plates, but the troopers wrote down the VINs for those vehicles, the newspaper reported. Read NewsMax article

First, the Pastor and congregants in Mississippi were served a $500 fine for holding a parking lot service and now in Kentucky those that defied the governor’s orders were met with nails in the driveway. The warnings are clear across the land: there are those in government that in the name of “safety” will readily attempt to take away our constitutional rights of freedom of religion and assembly. Thank God for churches resisting these encroachments.

While I do not in anyway think the governor or the local police were responsible for putting nails in the driveway, the troubling thing to me is there are those who view believers exercising their God-given rights as either a threat or troublemakers. In the case of the Mississippi parking lot service being shutdown, the local officials were notified by from out-of-town relatives that their parents were attending services. Here in the case of the Kentucky service, some people in the area hearing of the church’s plans, took it upon themselves to deter the believers from defying the assembly ban.

One thing is for sure, all of us who believe in our God give rights to worship and assemble freely had better start showing the same tenacity or else our rights will quickly be taken away – all in the name of “safety” of course.