Virginia residents, if you value the biblical view of marriage and family, even the definition of male and female, please contact your state representatives and senators now and make your voice heard! You can use the convenient link on the Family Foundation’s website to contact your representative and senator.

The new bills that are gaining grounds in the Virginia General Assembly seeks to make churches and faith-based foster care and business places of ‚Äúpublic accommodation.” Pastors, faith-based business owner, and school staff this law would even attack your “sex-segregated facilities.” The enormous fines that would be heaped upon those who resist would be enormous and obviously aimed at shutting these organizations down. The report says, “Employers will likely be prohibited from enforcing any sex-segregated policies such as in bathrooms, showers, changing areas, and even separate male/female dress codes.” In the past, when measures where pushed out on the Federal level with the Affordable Health Care Act that went against the conscience persons of faith, there was some wiggle room. This time, according to Family Foundation, the VA legislators have worded the bill such that there would be “no exemption for religious employers.”

What’s even more chilling is the “seek-and-destroy powers” that would be granted to the AG, Mark Herring. If the newly elected delegates have their way, the AG would be able to come after anyone he thought to be “engaged in a pattern or practice of resistance to the full enjoyment of any of the rights granted.” The bill would provide for the legal fees of the complainant but none for the defendant. The Family Foundation assess that this would force non-profit and small businesses out of business and that they would be “pressured into an unfavorable settlement just to try to avoid the possibility of a far harsher penalty if they lose.”