Today marks the 18th anniversary of the tragic 911 event that brought down the World Trade Center towers, and take a look this article that shows how the american public now so willingly invites big brother into their homes. It may be hard to remember how on the hills of the incident, at least some civil liberties advocates, where raising flags about giving up our liberties in the name of security. Today, Google Nest and Amazon’s Alexa have moved into homes without the government lifting a finger. It is alarming how Silicon Valley has developed a surveillance network that has found its way on our phones and now in so many homes. We must remember that God alone cause us to dwell in safety and confident trust (Psalm 4:8).

Google wants you to bring Big Brother into the privacy of your home with its Google Nest surveillance system. Google’s Nest Hub surveillance system is constantly looking for its owner’s face and technically can’t be shut off. After making sure certain information is censored on behalf of the political establishment, Google will make sure you’re watched accordingly.

This is raising concerns about privacy and human rights. Censorship has crossed the line long ago along with mass surveillance, but humans continue to all but demand more control over their lives. This latest “smart-home” device from Mountain View comes equipped with a constantly-scanning facial-recognition-enabled camera that can’t be shut off, only ‘disabled’ with a switch that also (supposedly) deactivates the microphone, according to a report by RT. Just as the device is constantly listening for its “wake word,” it is prepared to leap into action at the sight of its owner’s visage. Read full article

If you thought Alexa and Nest were invasive, you may want to take a look at the next thing Silicon Valley is developing (probably for the government). We will have to discuss this more later. Silicon Valley is Building a Chinese-style Credit System