Nikki Haley, President Trump’s former ambassador to the United Nations, seemed annoyed by her former boss’ behavior after he reacted to news that one of his public foes was robbed.
President Trump had tweeted that Cummings’ robbery was “really bad news!” “Too bad!” he exclaimed. Haley responded with a eye-roll emoji and by stating, “This is so unnecessary.”
White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway defended the president, telling Haley that her tweet was in fact “unnecessary.”
“THIS is so unnecessary Trump-PENCE2020,” she tweeted on Friday. Their tweets followed days of controversy surrounding Trump, his criticism of Cummings, and the way the president described the Maryland congressman’s city of Baltimore.
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I am applaud Nikki Haley for calling President Trump out for his totally rude and insensitive comments to Rep. Cummings. So what if the two had been in a war of words over how Baltimore’s inner city is run, it is so uncalled for to blast someone when they’ve just had something bad happen to them. This is not the behavior that the leader of the free world should be showing.

This is just one many out of the way comments that the president has made recently. I know that the four junior representatives, know as the squad, have set their targets on the president, but it is just un-American to tell fellow citizens to go back where they came from irregardless how way out you think their policies are.

Here is another much needed call out that should have been by those of us evangelicals that put him office:

West Virginia lawmaker calls out Trump for ‘using Lord’s name in vain’ during rally

This West Virginia lawmaker was upset with the president’s remarks at his North Carolina rally, but it was not about the “send her back” crowd chants directed at Rep. Omar. He called him our for using the Lord’s name in vain twice. Why aren’t Christians other than this Democratic lawmaker calling him out? Here are his well put comments:

“There is no place in society — anywhere, anyplace and at any time — where that type of language should be used or handled,” Hardesty wrote. “Your comments were not presidential. I know in my heart that you are better than that.”

It is time for the president to act presidential and focus on running the country. There are some squabbles that he should learn just to stay out of. These type of comments are just as Ms. Haley says, “so unnecessary,” plus they are not becoming of a leader and certainly not Christian.